Bachelor of Fine Arts (Painting)
Certificate in Fine Arts (Painting)

The development of perceptual and technical skills are given equal emphasis in the Painting curriculum. The visual expression of an idea requires not only an experimentation and exploration of the students’ creative expression but also of their intellect.

Active dialogues between students and faculty provide the context for the investigation of the structure of the visual language, through analysis and evaluation. Students are encouraged to freely explore the possibilities of painting in terms of conceptualization, techniques, and methodology. Opportunities are given to exhibit on-campus and in select venues, to expose the works to a larger audience, as training and preparation for their future exhibitions as career artists.

Bachelor of Fine Arts (Sculpture)
Certificate in Fine Arts (Sculpture)

Three-dimensional form in relation to materials, process, and content is the essence of the sculpture program. The curriculum offers courses in varied sculptural media, both traditional and contemporary. The student undergoes training in conceptualization, analysis, and evaluation of artistic concerns. Sculptural issues are explored within broad contexts beyond idea and their expression.

U.P. College of Fine Arts, Bartlett Hall, E. Jacinto st.,
University of the Philippines, Diliman, Quezon City