Bachelor of Fine Arts (Visual Communication)
Certificate in Fine Arts (Visual Communication)

As problem-solvers, we encourage students to develop independent creative thinking. Visual communication majors must be able to communicate visually as well as verbally, by becoming fluent–not only in the language of visual design which consists of typography, illustration and layout–but also in utilizing the various visual design formats in effectively reaching a target audience.

First Year

Visual Perception - Phenomena of perception and the concept of form in the visual arts.
Techniques - Problems in volume definition in terms of chiaroscuro; renderings in various media and of different subjects.
Materials - Analysis of the nature and possibilities of basic art materials and their structural implications.
Visual Communication - Concepts of visual organization and problem of meaning.

Second Year

Visual Design - Lettering, typography and layout, and their applications in visual communication.
Figure drawing - Basic drawing studies of the human form.
Production Methods - Analysis, exploration and preparation of materials for art production and reproduction.
Design Workshop
Photogaphy - The use of the camera and laboratory techniques as tools of visual and aesthetic expression in visual communication.

Third Year

Art History - History of the visual arts in West Asia from the artist's point of view
Advertising Design - Conceptual problem solving, execution and art production.
Editorial Design and Illustration - Conceptual problem solving, execution and production in advertising design
Advanced Production for Electronic Media - Preparation of art materials for audio-visual presentations, television and film graphics
Visual Verbal Communication - A study of audal and verbal communication as integrated elements of the visual language

Fourth Year

Research Methods - A study of the research methods and methodology for visual communication.
Design Theory - An investigation and study of the development of design theory from the industrial revolution to the present
Problems in Visual Communication - Special problems in contemporary advertising and editorial design. Lecture research.
Graphic Thesis - The culmination of student's works that applied and polished his/her creative talent and skills as a visual communicator in the various media in relation to advertising, promotions, information and education.

Bachelor of Fine Arts (Industrial Design)
Certificate in Fine Arts (Industrial Design)

Not only are they expected to be skilled in developing new designs and innovating existing products, Industrial Design majors are expected to be adept at providing specifications for production. Industrial Design majors must be keen in perceiving the needs of an ever-changing market and proficient in translating these into design solutions that integrate Philippine traditions and indigenous expressions with the current global trends.

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