UP Fine Arts Gallery

The UP Fine Arts Gallery, is an integral part of the College of Fine Arts, hosting exhibits, events, talks and performances since it was housed in the Corredor and Foyer galleries at UPD Bartlett Hall. Some of its recent curators were Prof. Benjamin Cabangis and the late Dean Leonilo Doloricon.

The establishment of the Arts and Design Building West Hall in 2018 provided additional spaces for the creative endeavors of the College of Fine Arts. The spaces managed by the UP Fine Arts Gallery at the new building are: the Atrium, Multipurpose Hall, and Galleries 1, 2 and 3. These include exhibits, talks, workshops, seminars, performances and ceremonies that took place at the Arts and Design Building West Hall from 2019-2020. With the lockdowns experienced during the pandemic in 2020, exhibits were hosted online. With UP Diliman’s return to onsite activities, museums and galleries are preparing to accommodate visitors in their physical spaces, alongside the online platform.

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UP Fine Arts Gallery: Parola
UP Fine Arts Gallery


In May 2022, the UP Fine Arts Gallery is re-launched as Parola. Headed by Curator Prof. Dayang Magdalena Nirvana Yraola, Parola, which means lighthouse, spreads light and hope through the arts, especially as we all move forward from the Covid 19 pandemic and the challenges of the times. With much energy and exuberance, Prof. Yraola, together with the Gallery Committee and staff, or Team Parola, has activated the UP Fine Arts Gallery with a series of events and exhibits for the students, faculty, alumni and UP community. The artistic program of the gallery is much supported by Dean Marc San Valentin and College Secretary Jose Manuel Sicat. The UPD Office of Initiatives for Culture and the Arts, the UPCFA Alumni Association and generous donors have also been active supporters of the re-launch of Parola. An exciting line up of events are bound to happen and we invite you to join us!


Dr. Lakra

Tao sa Tao: Mga Totoong Kwento ng Martial Law

Graded Recitation for Neil Doloricon

Silaw Exhibit 2020

Tubig at Kalikasan 2

UP Ikot Toki

Best of Show

Kamao ang Hugis ng Puso: Neil Doloricon Retrospective

Fifth Wall

Parola Support 1

Ilustrious Alumni: Premiere exhibit of CFA Permanent Art Collection


UP Photo Awards 2022

Turnover of “Kalahating Siglo ng Daluyong” to UP Art Collection

ReLaunch of UP Fine Arts Gallery: Parola

“Leni Robredo: Cultural Revolution”