The mandate of the UP College of Fine Arts is the study of arts and design practice, research and pedagogy imbued with the sense of humanity that is relevant and in context.
The UP College of Fine Arts is steadfast in its vision to be the Center of Excellence in art practice and design education, an eminent learning institution for arts and design, imbued with a deep sense of humanity that inspires the Filipino to strive for excellence.


The UPCFA is committed to the task of nurturing career artists and designers dedicated to the perfection of their craft and the enrichment of Philippine Society. In its learning spaces are highly creative individuals who contribute to the shaping and development of the nation’s cultural life as educators and makers of art and design.

In this light, the department, in addition to implementing its curriculum, has kept abreast with emerging studio and post-studio practices through curriculum improvement, various institutional and private linkages, and through the improvement in the benchmarks for faculty recruitment. This is to strengthen its commitment to the cultivation of expertise in visual art practices through the production of works and research that are reflexive and are reflective of a high level of formal excellence, humanity and social responsibility.

The department strives to be a vital contributor to the conditions that will eventually make the College of Fine Arts a Center of Excellence in art practice education


1. Continually evaluate and upgrade curricula and pedagogy
2. Develop and support a program for research and creative production
3. Develop and support a publication program
4. Implement a program for faculty, student, staff, and organizational development
5. Develop linkages with various sectors through outreach programs servicing the communication- and media-related needs of the society
6. Initiate discussion and take action on communication- and media-related issues in society
7. Establish, maintain, and upgrade the requisite infrastructure to support the above goals; and
8. Establish and ensure fiscal independence by aggressively developing resource generation programs

– The College of Fine Arts Citizens’ Charter, 2019, First Edition


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