For the Second Semester of Academic Year 2022-2023, UP Diliman opens its doors to Face-to-Face (FTF) Classes onsite. Classes in the UP College of Fine Arts are conducted both online and onsite in transition to the New Normal environment. This means synchronous and asynchronous modes of teaching and learning are to continue, alongside in-person consultations and production at the UPCFA. This Hybrid-Flexible (Hyflex) set-up may differ for each course and will be discussed by class advisers.


With the changes and challenges brought about by the COVID 19 pandemic, UPCFA revised its curriculum to adapt to the remote learning platform for the Academic Year 2020-2021. Course revisions were planned and implemented with a major shift in its delivery of practice-based lessons. In preparation for this, a Student Remote Learning Readiness Survey Report was facilitated to study the online access and connectivity of the student body.  A series of webinars immediately took place for remote academic teaching and curated online resources were sent to assist faculty in course redesign, in modifying tools, processes and choosing the most appropriate learning platform for the courses taught and the learners’ profile.

In the Remote Learning Environment, admissions, registration and program advising are done online thru the UP Computerized Registration System (UP CRS) and email communications. Online classes are conducted via asynchronous and synchronous means. The University Virtual Learning Environment (UVLe) and other supporting platforms are utilized for ease of communications and delivery of lessons to students.

In observance of COVID 19 safety protocols, the college facilities are temporarily closed to its faculty and students. Through online resources and communications, we continue to support students’ academic and psychosocial needs:

  1. Scholarships and grants are extended to students as well as materials and equipment support made available to our young artists and designer.
  2. Support services for mental health and wellbeing are available to men, women, and members of the LGBT community from different UP offices and units.
  3. We seek to maintain effective communications with our students and are available for online consultation and inquiry.
  4. Social media platforms are also in place to provide information to students, and serve as a venue for their creativity and artistic expression.

UPCFA is committed in providing support to students, faculty, staff and alumni during this period of adjustment. The college encourages creative and critical thinking, upholds academic freedom, and protects the intellectual property and integrity of its community. We prioritize the health and wellbeing of the UPCFA community and support the ongoing vaccination program against COVID 19 in response to the health needs of our members. We also extend compassion in housing the Lumad community who were stranded in UP at the onset of the pandemic in 2020. We commend the efforts of all health workers and frontliners, as well as the volunteers of Community Pantries and are one with them in doing what we can to support and serve our fellowmen.