associate in arts

The UP College of Fine Arts offers two-year Associate in Arts programs in Visual Communication, Industrial Design, and Studio Arts. Each AA program is designed to develop technical knowledge and skills relevant to the specific field of practice. AA Qualifiers may pursue the counterpart BFA programs upon graduating from the program and fulfillment of application requirements of the Department.

The graduates of the AA (Visual Communication) are expected to know how to use various art materials, skilled enough to execute designs and visuals in outputs ranging from typography, to photography in any media. They may be employed as photographers, illustrators, layout artists and graphic designers. This program is intended to be part of a ladderized system where any graduate may apply and may be accepted to the BFA (Visual Communication) provided that they satisfy the admission requirements set by the Department.


The Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) Program is a four-year degree program that can be taken by UPCA(T) passers, shiftees from other UP Units, and qualifying transferee students from outside the University.

The different BFA Program offerings are designed to hone the artistic and design skills specific to the fields of practice, culminating in the development of individual thesis outputs.


The Master of Fine Arts program aims to strengthen expertise by enhancing reflexivity in the theory and practice of visual art and design through production and research. The graduate curriculum is comprised of lecture, seminar and workshop courses, research-led projects and individual studio research, with degree exhibition, written thesis and viva voce as culminating activities.

While promoting and enhancing individual competencies in the field, the program is also aimed to establish higher standards and criteria of qualification for teachers of visual art at the tertiary level of education.