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Guest artist Jordin Isip at the CFA Auditorium, 2017
Industrial Design students' Silaw exhibit, 2020
Thesis exhibit of Studio Arts Painting majors

The College of Fine Arts offers a four-year baccalaureate program for the Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree and a two-year program in Associate in Arts Degree. The courses offered are made available to enrolled students during the First Semester, Second Semester and Midyear of an Academic Year.

UPCFA has an Undergraduate Program from the Department of Studio Arts, Department of Visual Communication, and the Department of Theory, and a Graduate Studies Program offering a Master of Fine Arts degree.  The academic programs offered are: Associate in Arts Program (AA), a two-year program, is offered for the undergraduate courses in Studio Arts, Visual Communication, and Industrial Design; and Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) is offered in Art History, Painting, Sculpture, Visual Communication and Industrial Design.

The Undergraduate Program Departments and Academic Programs offered:

Department of Visual Communication

The BFA and AA Visual Communication programs of the department seek to instruct and train the students in the various disciplines or practices within the domain of Visual Communication and Design. This is accomplished by exposing the students to the different fields and disciplines through the courses of the program. The process also allows the students the opportunity to locate their own practices within the diverse field of visual communication. Ultimately, the program hopes to produce graduates imbued with the core principles of the University.

AA Visual Communication

BFA Visual Communication

Industrial Design PROGRAM

The Industrial Design program is focused on the study of techniques, processes and concepts needed in the design and development of products and systems. As a discipline that takes into account aesthetics, functionality, manufacturability and marketability, industrial design can be described as the intersection where art, science and technology, and marketing meet.

Not only are they expected to be skilled in developing new designs and innovating existing products, Industrial Design majors are expected to be adept at providing specifications for production. Industrial Design majors must be keen in perceiving the needs of an ever-changing market and proficient in translating these into design solutions that integrate Philippine traditions and indigenous expressions with the current global trends.

AA Industrial Design

BFA Industrial Design

Department of Studio Arts

AA in Studio Arts

BFA Painting

BFA Sculpture

Theory Department

BFA Art History

BFA Art Education

Graduate Studies

Master of Fine Arts

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