Application Period for AY 2023-2024 is ongoing for UPCFA Undergraduate and Graduate Programs. 

Undergraduate Programs


Application Period for AY 2023-2024 is ongoing. The Talent Determination Test for all UPCFA Undergraduate programs will be held on May 27, 2023 at 9am at the Art and Design West Hall of the U.P. College of Fine Arts. Kindly Bring your test permit as issued by the program you had applied for. The College of Fine Arts will not entertain walk-in examinees and those who have not been issued a test permit by the CFA Administration.

For more information on program requirements, click here: ADMISSIONS

Who May Apply

BFA Incoming Freshmen

Graduating High School Students who have Qualified under the U.P. College Admissions may apply in any of the Bachelor of Fine Arts programs. BFA applicants who are unsuccessful in the UPCA but passed the UPCFA admission requirements shall automatically be absorbed under the corresponding AA Programs (not applicable to BFA Art Educ and BFA Art Hist)

AA Incoming Freshmen

Other incoming College Freshmen who did not qualify for the U.P. College Admissions may apply in any of the Associate in Arts programs.


Graduates of the AA Program, with a GWA of 2.5 or better, may apply for Change of Program to pursue BFA studies. 

Shiftees from other UP Diliman Colleges

Any UP Diliman student who had earned at least 30 units with a minimum GWA of 2.75 may apply in any of the Bachelor of Fine Arts programs offered.

Transferees from Other UP Constituent Units

UP Students outside of Diliman who had earned at least 30 units with a minimum GWA of 2.75 may apply in any of the Bachelor of Fine Arts programs offered.

Transferees from Other Universities

Non-UP College Students who are at least sophomore level in standing and had earned a minimum of 33 units with a GWA of 2.0 may apply for any of the Bachelor of Fine Arts offered.

Second Degree

Individuals who had previously earned a Bachelor’s Degree may apply in any of the Bachelor of Fine Arts offered.

Applicants may view the Announcements page for more information on updates of the application process.

Program Offerings 
Graduate Program

The Graduate Program Studies is now accepting applications for Master of Fine Arts (MFA) Program Admission for Academic Year 2023-2024 until May 30,  2023.  


       Eligibility – Applicant must have all of the following:

  1. A baccalaureate degree in Fine Arts, in the visual arts or in design from a recognized institution of higher learning, including other art-related baccalaureate degrees such as Bachelor of Arts. Other baccalaureate degrees will be evaluated on a case-to-case basis relative to current art practice.

  2. At least two (2) years experience in professional art practice. The merits of exceptional professional art practice that is less than two (2) years but not less than one (1) year will be evaluated on a case-to-case basis.

  3. A cumulative weighted average grade (CWAG) of 2.00 or better or its equivalent in the undergraduate degree.

  4. Graduate level English proficiency for foreign students whose first language is not English (U.P. graduate level standard of TOEFL or IELTS ratings). 

       Application Requirements

  1. Fully-accomplished Official UPCFA Graduate Program Application Form.

  2. Original and photocopy of PSA* Birth Certificate. (Marriage Certificate for Women Married


  3. Official Transcript of Records.

  4. Letter of Intent stating the applicant’s intentions and plans in the graduate program.

  5. Portfolio of art works and other proofs of art practice and/or related experience. The portfolio

    may be submitted in any of the following formats:

    • –  Original works

    • –  CD-ROM, presentation (Microsoft and Mac-compatible application/formats only)

    • –  Slides (35 mm color slides)

    • –  Photographic prints (at least 5R size)

  6. Two (2) sealed recommendation letters from former professors, employers, and/or experts in the field who have worked with the applicant. Referees’ signatures must be affixed on the flap of the sealed envelopes.

  7. Application fees (non-refundable) of P700.00 for local applicant and $20.00 for foreign applicant.

    APPLICANTS MUST SUBMIT ALL OF THESE IN ONE APPLICATION PACKAGE. Incomplete application packages will not be processed.

Note for foreign applicants:

All foreign nationals will be required to secure and present a student visa or study permit, whichever is appropriate, once accepted to the program.

Present original and submit photocopy of TOEFL or IELTS ratings in official numeric result (Source: OUR, UPD: 61 Internet Based Test: 55 International English Language Testing Systems)

If the admitted applicant intends to work while studying, s/he will be required to secure and present a work permit in addition to the study permit or student visa.

*PSA – Philippine Statistic Authority

Payment can be made through Link.BizPortal *

1. Account Name: UPD Revolving Fund

2. Account Number:3072-1006-96

3. Screenshot successful payment transaction. This will serve as proof of payment 4. Send the screenshot/picture to Please state the following:

College of Fine Arts
MFA Application Fee (P700.00)

A gentle reminder to please submit in ONE COMPLETE Dossier of the MFA Admission Application with the following details

1. COMPLETE Soft copy (including Proof of Payment to be sent
to (Note: Label it with LAST Name, First Name, Middle Name- Subject: 2023-2024 MFA Admission Application_Last Name First Name, MI)

Upload a soft copy on the link to be provided.

2. Physical copy via mail/courier/delivery to : (Note: Label it with LAST Name, First Name, Middle Name)

The MFA Office
UP College of Fine Arts, Bartlett Hall, E. Jacinto Street U.P. Campus Diliman Quezon City



Send an email request for Statement of Account to Ms. Recto at before payment.

*(In view of the prescribed guidelines of COA Circular No. 2021-014 requiring the participation of intermediaries in the online collections of government entities, direct deposits to UPD
bank accounts are no longer allowed. For online collection transactions, billing statements should indicate the following payment:

• GCash Bills Pay (for Revolving Funds only) • Pay with Maya (for future activation)

Other Requirements

  • Additional University requirements, such as a health clearance may be imposed.
  • Eligible applicants with complete application requirements will be scheduled for panel interview

    or a series of interviews by the graduate council members

  • An applicant whose baccalaureate degree is non art-related but is admissible to the program may be required to satisfactorily accomplish additional units of undergraduate courses at the UP College of Fine Arts as a prerequisite for full admission.S